Where is Jesus now?

The way up to heaven by making merit

As I walked into one of our regular printing shop, I was greeted by the smiling shop keeper.  He is an industrious man that will often engage in religious small talk.  After a brief greeting, I placed my order for copies to be made.  As he started the copier, he looked at me and asked “Where is Jesus now?”  I responded that after Jesus had died, that He rose from the dead, that He ascended to and is now in heaven. “What level of heaven?” came the man’s response, which caught me off-guard.  I told him that Jesus reigns in the highest heavens.

This shop keeper shared with me that he had seen pictures of Jesus on the cross, but that he never knew that Jesus had been raised from the dead, or that He is alive!  I thank God that I have been able to have several conversations with this man since that point and pray one day that he will not just come to know about Jesus, but that he will come to know Jesus!

His question about levels of heavens is also a frequent reminder to me of the need to seek ways to bridge the difference in meaning between the words and concepts of our worldviews and beliefs.

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