The Hammock Spirit

“There seem to be more of them than last time,” I was thinking out loud.  We were passing a plot of land with many hammocks strung between the trees.  It’s located next to a parking lot for school buses and opposite of two schools. “Very practical to have so many hammocks in that spot for all the bus drivers who are waiting the whole day to bring the school kids back home again,” I said…

To this, Sijmen shook his head, while saying; “I recently passed this plot of land with our cycling group.  One of the men told me that these hammocks are not for the school bus drivers, but they are meant for the hammock spirit.”

I was a little perplexed.  On our way home, we passed the plot of land again and my eyes fell on a wooden sign with the text; “Land of the hammock spirit.”

This plot of land belongs to a particular village where you can find 3 places to worship or consult a spirit.  These places are used to ask for forgiveness of past failures and to request prosperity from a spirit.  The act of giving a hammock to the hammock spirit is seen as an extra incentive for the spirit to consider blessing the person.

We often assume that these places have been there for many years and that these traditions keep people honoring these sacred places and worshipping spirits.  But an online Thai news site reveals that this is not true for this location.  It reveals that only about two years ago, people started to give hammocks to this spirit.

That evening, after returning home, I felt a little different as I laid in our hammock.  I prayed to God to for insight as I thought of Jesus words; ‘Peace, I give to you.’  I asked that God would open the eyes of the people around us, so they will see His peace and that we would remain faithful in sharing His peace to the people around us.

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