The bad luck names bring

Is bad luck ruling your life? Are you longing for more luck and a prospering life? Change your name! Get advice from a monk, a fortune-teller or someone else with a lot of knowledge about the meaning and origin of names and pick the right one. It might be the way to luck, health and riches.

About two months ago I came across this name changing culture in Thailand. I never heard of it before, but since then I see it everywhere.

Yesterday, a neighbour came to ask for advice. She brought two papers. The first one was a copy of her marriage certificate. She married a Danish man and is preparing to leave Thailand to emigrate to Denmark. The second paper was a certificate that proved that she had just changed her name officially. She changed her name after she consulted a good friend who had a lot of knowledge about names. Her original name meant that she would have to work hard to get things done, nothing in life would come easy and she would have trouble rather than prosperity. Her new name on the contrary would influence her life much more positively and might make her life much easier.

Only one day after the big change she faced the opposite as expected. She realised that from now on her passport would show another name than noted on her Danish marriage certificate. What would the Danish immigration think about a woman that claimed to be married with a certain man even though her passport might show something else? She asked us.

I kindly advised her, that if she really wanted to live in Denmark, she needed to change her name back or face another pile of paperwork. Her worried husband had said the same, only with some stronger words, she replied. She is going to do it, changing to the old, unfortunate name. But she is afraid.¬†We pray that one day she will meet the man Paul writes about with the name above all names (Philippians 2: 9-11).’

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