Keep planting…

Last Tuesday I had an English class with the master’s degree students at the Faculty of Informatics. Before I started the class, I told them about the snake that I saw in my house last week, and they all told me something about their superstitious beliefs. Thai people believe that when a single person saw a snake or dreamed about snake he/she will get married soon, and also it brings good luck. One of them asked my address, and when I asked why, she said that she will buy a lottery ticket using my house address number. That conversation was a bridge for me to share the gospel with them. The usual response I received is, all religions are the same and teach us to be a good person.

After my class, I stayed for a while in the classroom to study my Thai book but I ended up not studying at all. I just sat there and thought of the ministry here in Mahasarakham. Sometimes it is discouraging when I don’t see the result of what I am doing here. But it came to my thoughts about what Sijmen (OMF missionary) had shared during the meeting last week which I agree. I was reminded do what I have to do, which is evangelism, and don’t expect results and let God be God let Him do it. I am sharing this because of my experience in the Philippines when I did church planting for five years. The Lord had blessed the ministry there. With the span of 5 years,many came to faith and some became leaders in the church even. I have been here in Mahasarakham for 3 ½ years now but I don’t see tremendous result and because of this, it made me questioned myself if I am effective here in Thailand. I even thought of going back to the Philippines and do church planting there since it is easier to evangelize there than here. While writing this, 1 Corinthian 3:6 popped up in my mind, which it says, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow”. So I guess my time here is planting time for now. My spiritual gift is evangelism, so I should keep using my gift without expecting the result.

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